The ProWellness Application Platform used in ProWellness products is a state-of-art clinical system platform that utilises the very latest Microsoft.NET, Oracle and PostgreSQL database technologies. The ProWellness application platform is highly secure, scalable and configurable. It is object-oriented, multi-tiered, modular and can support both web browser and desktop clients. HL7 standards in interfaces, web services, XML messaging and Service Oriented Architecture initiatives are supported.

The ProWellness Chronic Diseases Management System (CDMS) has been built on top the above mentioned application platform and is a web-based and multi-tiered clinical EHR system for managing patients with chronic conditions; the presentation tier utilises latest technologies like ASP.NET, AJAX, XML, React, JavaScript and MVC/MVVM. The presentation tier supports WAI initiatives and standards.

ProWellness technology supports scaling out and load balancing across a web farm for very large scale deployments and for fault tolerance. Database high availability is supported by e.g. Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) or PostgreSQL hot standby failover mechanisms.