Respiratory module

The COPD and Respiratory module is used by healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care in the prevention and care of chronic respiratory diseases, such as COPD, bronchiectasis and asthma. The system can be used in screening high-risk patients and diagnosing e.g. COPD in an early stage, as well as following up with the diagnosed patients' responses to medical and oxygen treatments, and rehabilition process. The system guides health care professionals' daily work and has specialised content for members of the care team, consultants, specialist nurses, physiotherapists etc.

The Front page of the system gives a holistic view of the patient's current condition and history, which enables better prediction of the development of the disease and helps preventing recurring exacerbations. Graphs and colors are used to exemplify the progress of patient's condition. Information stored in the system can be utilised to monitor the quality of care and service development.