Balansio – Selfcare 24×7

Balansio is a mobile digital solution for assisted patient selfcare with augmented clinical intelligence. Balansio is designed to support chronic care automation 24x7, and combines the knowledge of diabetes and other chronic care specialists and clinical intelligence to answer the need of timely support, independent of time and place. Balansio informs patients of issues in their care data, such as high and low glucose values, and lists their potential root causes, so one has a better idea of what may be wrong and how to avoid these situations in the future. The system helps patients to understand how their daily decisions and routines affect their diabetes management. With Balansio, one can learn to manage diabetes better and to adjust daily routines so that they enable better glucose control and care balance.

The solution allows care team members and call centres to identify key issues with their patients and to create personalized care plans, and to remotely to follow-up with patients.

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