ProWellness CDMS

ProWellness Chronic Diseases Management System (CDMS) is the centerpiece of ProWellness solutions and contains tools common to all its modules and add-ons. CDMS is used in conjunction with specialty and disease specific modules which are developed in co-operation with leading healthcare professionals and are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable to changes in care guidelines and local procedures and workflows. Together they provide a comprehensive tool for treating patients with chronic diseases and preventing patients from developing further complications, as well as evaluating the quality of care and the service delivery.

The system utilises the latest web technologies that support integrated patient care, information sharing and better co-operation between primary and secondary care health services providers. The system holds patient demographics and clinical data that includes information entered directly into CDMS at clinics and data received from other systems, such as laboratory, radiology, PAS and GP systems. Structured information stored on CDMS can be utilised to monitor the quality of care and service development. The system is also capable of providing statistics such as nationally defined care quality audits at care unit, health district and even national levels.