Diabetes module

Diabetes and arterial diseases module is used by healthcare professionals in the prevention and care of diabetes and arterial diseases. The system is designed for region-wide use and promotes information sharing and co-operation between primary and secondary care. In addition, the system guides healthcare professionals’ daily work and has specialised content for different members of the care team, consultants, specialist nurses, podiatrists, dietitians, etc.

The Front page of the system gives a holistic view of the patient’s current condition and history. This enables better projection of the development of the condition, which subsequently results in more effective interventions to prevent e.g. the development of diabetes or future complications caused by the condition. Graphs and colours are utilised to illustrate the development of the patient’s condition.

Information stored in the system can be utilised to monitor the quality of care and service development. The system user receives immediate feedback about his/her work. The system also provides statistics such as nationally defined quality standards at the care unit, regional and national levels.

EBM based Clinical Decision Support and a separate Retinal Screening System can be integrated to the Diabetes and arterial disease module, and the module can also be complemented with SelfCare Module and integrated with remote patient monitoring.